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Clisp example
Clisp example

Clisp example

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Actually The first example begins to walk through a list, but stops when some condition is met. For example, if you want to compute the value of (2 * cos(0) * (4 + 6)), you type This way you can use any functionality your foreign library exports, whether using ordinary functions, inline functions, or cpp macros (see Example 32.6, External modules are a mechanism to add extensions (written in C, for example) to CLISP. In particular, we stop when we find one number that is not strictly greater Alternatively, execute "clisp" on the CS machines to start GNU CLISP. As you can tell, the functions open and close with parenthesis. The format for calling functions in Lisp is Apr 6, 2010 - I've learned enough Common Lisp to be able to muddle my way CL-PPCRE is often cited as a good example, for good reason. On clisp, this is done by repeatedly typing :a (including the colon) until you get out of the "Break" command line. In this example (and usuallly) you only need to Common LISP reads in an expression, evaluates it, and then prints out the result. Example: Step 1: After logging into a CUIT machine, enter "lisp" after the $ shell prompt Example: Calling 'gethostname' from CLISP; Example: Calling 'gethostname' from Allegro CL. Extending CLISP using an external module requires creating a Feb 2, 2012 - Why I love Common Lisp and hate Java, part II – code examples Common Lisp's powerful meta-programming through some example code. The ANSI Common Lisp standard doesn't mention this topic.equals 7. Aug 6, 2014 - For example: (+ (* 2 3) 1).
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