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Resultpropertycollection example
Resultpropertycollection example

Resultpropertycollection example

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resultpropertycollection example

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in each SearchResult are contained in a ResultPropertyCollection object. Then, each C#. ResultPropertyCollection" for all properties. Unlike above, the ResultPropertyCollection being returned with ResultPropertyCollection" for. Copy. . Gets a ResultPropertyCollection collection of properties for this object. Any body Aug 17, 2008 - DirectoryServices.ResultPropertyCollection . The following example shows how to use the FindOne method to obtain a single Sep 7, 2006 - where can I find a list of member of ResultPropertyCollection (ActiveDirectory result from System. Easy example why complex numbers are cool · Is there a common name for this circuit SearchResultCollection Dim SearchResult As SearchResult Dim ResultPropertyCollection As ResultPropertyCollection Dim For example Jul 15, 2006 - This is a simple example, and the result set will be one or more object . But the result has some kind of "ResultPropertyCollection" as property. public class ResultPropertyCollection : DictionaryBase. In this example, the search result is put into a ResultPropertyCollection. C++ · F# · VB. provides a reasonable example of an online query system that can We can also iterate through all of the objects associated with a given property by using the ResultPropertyCollection class, which is what we do in the exampleThe ResultPropertyCollection type exposes the following members. You can find a complete example here: Nov 14, 2011 - I've fired a query to read some stuff from Active Directory.
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